Train “El Transcantábrico”: Suites

The rooms of “El Transcantábrico” Grand Luxury and “Green Coast” are designed for resting and for the privacy of the clients. Both spacious, Deluxe Suites and the functional Grand Class Rooms, are equipped with all comforts offered by first-class accommodations.

Grand Luxury Transcantábrico Train: Deluxe Suite

Its large space, allows you to enjoy a comfortable double bed of two meters long (or twin beds), wardrobe, luggage rack, desk, safe and minibar, as well as the most advanced comfort with LED screens, music tuner, adjustable air conditioning, multimedia computer with free internet connection and indoor phone.

The Deluxe Suites also have a lounge, with a convertible sofa, large windows and a magnificent bathroom, spacious and comfortable, with a hydromassage shower / steam sauna, a hairdryer and a varied set of first-class items, with exclusive fragrance.

“El Transcantábrico” Grand Luxury has a capacity of 14 Deluxe Suites.

Classic Transcantábrico Train: Grand Class Room

Flirty room with wood paneling, which generates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It has a double bed, as well as other amenities that will make your stay even more pleasant: desk, wardrobe, luggage rack, minibar and safe. All rooms also have a complete and functional private bathroom, equipped with a hydromassage shower / steam sauna, a hairdryer and a varied welcoming set and toilet articles, with an exclusive fragrance.

“El Transcantábrico” Clásico has a capacity of 27 suites Grand Class Room, of which 2 of them have a folding bunk.

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