Santillana del Mar

Cantabria, Spain

Santillana del Mar has the most famous prehistoric caves, those of Altamira, which are undoubtedly worth visiting. Other sites are the Monastery of Santa Juliana, the Casas del Águila and Parra, with its exhibition hall and the Casa de Leonor de la Vega. Surrounded by great natural beauty. The mountain stew and hake in green sauce are the best dishes.

Santillana del Mar is a municipality of the Cantabrian Community that is located on its western coast. Its population is 4,154 inhabitants17. It has a warm and temperate climate, and its average annual temperature is 13.8ºC. The fact that this villa is neither holy nor flat and that of not having a sea, makes it known as the village of the three lies. It is an agricultural and tourist town par excellence, due to its strategic geographical location in addition to its historical legacy.

The Altamira Caves are located in Santillana del Mar, and the most famous prehistoric cave art paintings in the world within them. The Altamira cave was a casual discovery of Modesto Cubillas in 1868. Years later, the Polychrome room will be discovered. Due to the fragility of Altamira's paintings, a replica of the cave will be created for the purpose of protecting the original as part of its conservation.

You can also visit other sites such as The Monastery of Santa Juliana, and it will be the one that gives rise to the collegiate church of Santa Juliana of Roman characteristics. Around this one a population nucleus was developed and whose evidence is reflected in the numerous houses and palaces of the town like the houses of the Eagle and the Parra where at the present time an exhibition hall is housed. The towers of Merino and Don Borja are other civil constructions that are worth visiting. It is currently the headquarters of the Santillana Foundation. You can not fail to mention the house of Leonor de la Vega, the Palaces of Tagle and many other buildings.

Natural beauty as its coast, allows Santillana del Mar to offer other activities related to fishing and in addition to the opportunity to enjoy its beaches such as Santa Justa and Ubiarco. You can't miss visiting its zoo where children and adults give free rein to their leisure time.

Its cuisine is varied and is characterized by having typical dishes with products such as fish, seafood, sardines and to mention something, hake in green sauce is the delight of many. Its mountain stew is also spectacular.

Santillana de Mar is definitely, due to its history and natural wealth, one of the most attractive points of Cantabria and one of its main focuses of tourist attention.

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