Guggenheim museum, Bilbao

Basque Country, Spain

Considered as one of the best buildings of the 20th century designed by Frank Gehry, it has transform and modify the image of the city of Bilbao, as a reference in contemporary world art. In addition to the spectacular nature of the building, the majesty of the Nervión riverbank joins in its passages and green spaces. In the museum you will find paintings of Louise Bourgeois, Fujiko Nakaya or Yves Klein, among others.

In the heart of Bilbao, the Guggenheim Museum is considered the best building built in the second half of the 20th century. It was inaugurated more than a decade ago, specifically, in 1997. The project of the American architect Frank Gehry has managed to change and convulse the image of the city, always linked to the industry, to become a benchmark of contemporary art.

Its spectacular shape is due to the fact that its facade has been built mainly by titanium sheets, very moldable, which allow it to acquire this original form simulating a ship anchored in the Nervión waters. In addition, being on the banks of the river, allows you to contemplate the different shades of light that is projected on the museum throughout the day.

Its artistic collection is unique, housing art work of artists such as Fujiko Nakaya with his fog sculpture, Yves Klein with The Great Blue Anthropomorphy, Louise Bourgeois or Jeff Koons. Many of the works on display come from the Guggenheim headquarters in New York and other international museums. Its tight exhibition schedule is parallel to the different actions of art work purchase that are added to its own collection. His permanent exhibition, The Matter of Time, consists of 7 monumental sculptures designed by Richard Serra. Normally, there are also some temporary exhibitions, which have even been related to ancient art such as Michelangelo, Dürer or the Hermitage of St. Petersburg. Currently, thanks to its cultural claim and artistic richness, it is in an expansion process, between 2018-2020, outside Bilbao, in Urdaibai, Guernica or other areas of Biscay.

The surroundings of the Museum are full of squares and green areas, where you can walk and visit the famous "Puppy" by Jeff Koons. This dog of breed West Highland, is covered by flowers (mainly begonias), more than 12 meters and his weight of 15 tons. It is not the only animal that can be found there. Mom, the Bourgeois spider, is also next to the Guggenheim. It is an ode to the artist's mother, symbolizing the protection that all mothers do. These ones, are 2 works considered as a sculptural reference of the late twentieth century.

After enjoying an artistic morning, you can enjoy typical Basque cuisine in the taverns near the museum and bridge of La Salve. Its skewers, cocochas, marmitako and cod are famous, accompanied by txacolí.

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