General information

Train “Transcantábrico Grand Luxury”, “Costa Verde Express” (Transcantábrico), Train “Al-Andalus” and Train “La Robla Express”

All travellers must have documentation proving their identity. In the case of foreigners, the documentation required to travel on the trains of El Transcantábrico, Al Andalus and La Robla Express, is the same as the required to enter Spain from their countries of origin. Spaniards may identify themselves with their identity card (DNI) or with their passport.

In Spain, as in other countries of the European Union, the legal currency is the Euro. There is no obligation to give tips, it is left to the discretion of the client.

In Spain, medicines must be purchased at chemistries. If you come from a country of European Union or a state that has agreements with Spain, you will benefit from the same pharmaceutical benefits as the Spanish do. On board, all trains have a first aid kit, and the crew has been trained to use it. If necessary, you can contact the health centres located along the different routes, in case any traveller needs medical attention.

If you travel to Spain you do not need to get vaccinated against any disease, although, as in any part of the world, it is recommended to have updated the tetanus vaccine and the official vaccination schedule.

In Spain, smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public spaces (including public or collective transport vehicles). Therefore, as long as the traveller is on board, and according to current legislation, smoking is banned. Although, we report that train trip does not exceed 3-4 hours of travel.

In general terms, Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe for tourists who visit us. On board, our trains have a security service and a locker, and there is surveillance at all stations along the route.

El Transcantábrico, Tren Al Ándalus and La Robla Express have Wi-Fi connection and a computer in their rooms from which travellers can access the Internet, check their email, etc.

For telephone communications, if you wish to call from Spain to another country you must dial 00 followed by the country code and the telephone number. If you wish to make a call to Spain from abroad, you must dial +34 (Spain code) and then the telephone number, consisting of 9 digits.

For foreigners who wish to use the mobile, we recommend that before travelling, they have to contact their operator to activate the international roaming service and inquire about rates.

Luxury Tourist Trains only have the Mandatory Traveler Insurance (SOV), so it is recommended to hire a particular travel insurance, which covers possible cancellation or similar expenses, through the travel agency or insurer.

In terms of accessibility, all trains, despite have been remodeled and equipped with the latest technologies, we can not forget that are historical and vintage trains, so that its interior is not enabled and the movement of a wheelchair is impossible. If one passenger is a person with reduced mobility, but who can fend for himself or with the help of a passenger on board, and only needs the support of the wheelchair outside the train, then it would be possible for him to travel. In this case, if you wish and by giving advance notice when making your reservation, Tourist Trains can make a wheelchair available to the customer. It is very important that these people travel accompanied and that their companion is responsible for the chair, pushing it and helping the disabled person, because there is no staff available for such care.

Whenever you travel with a child, the supplement or price established according to the chosen train will be charged. Our reservation centre can inform you about the accommodation modalities and special prices for these cases.

Only the Grand Luxury Suites of El Transcantábrico and the Al Ándalus Train have enough space for parents to locate a small travel cot that they bring.

Pets are not allowed, except guide dogs that accompany their owner (check in that case).

The power supply in Spain is 220 volts with sockets of 2 legs.

In train saloons and the renowned chosen restaurants of the route, gastronomy is in charge of the most reputed chefs of northern Spain, a zone known in Europe because of the talent of its professionals and its raw materials, considered as one of the best in the whole continent.

The trip itself is a journey through the gastronomic identity of Galicia, Asturias Principality, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Castille and León, where each land, town and city brings its wisdom to a culinary tradition that has been renewed and reworked by chefs of international renown.

Breakfast is always served on board the train by waiters who will serve the customer at their table and also has an assorted buffet. Local specialties will be present during the tour: sweets, tortillas, empanadas, cheeses, sausages, etc., making each day start different and original also at the table.

For lunch and dinner, the restaurant will be alternated on board in the elegant train rooms with the renowned stoves and the selection of restaurants along the trip. Dishes such as fabada, stew montañés and baked fish, desserts such as frixuelos and San Marcos cake, products such as seafood, anchovies, cod or lamb are just an example of the extensive and appetizing culinary proposal offered by El Transcantábrico. All of it irrigated with the best wines offered by the different wine denominations of origin in northern Spain.

The menus are established in advance, seeking the balance between the traditional cuisine of each area, the creativity of the professionals and the innovation that has made famous Spanish chefs. However, those travellers who need special menus for health or choice reasons will not stop enjoying top quality products. It is important to warn of this circumstance, preferably at the time of making the reservation, so that your trip also meets your culinary needs.

During the days that the itinerary lasts, the Transcantábrico, Tren Al Andalus and La Robla Express will become your lounge, your transport, your meeting place, your bar, your room: a hotel that moves on and in which every day, we go to bed in one place and we wake up in a different one from the previous day. The landscape that will appear through the window of our suite or the living room where we are having coffee, will never be the same. That simple circumstance makes the trip unique at any other experience.

The train will stay every night at the station, to make falling asleep easier. We will start the day having breakfast on board, then move by train or bus from El Transcantábrico, Train Al Andalus or La Robla Express until our first visit. In the mornings, we will visit different places by the sea or in the mountains, squares and streets full of charm, museums, cathedrals, wineries and ports with many stories to tell us through the words of the multilingual guides who will accompany us on each itinerary. The meal will be the Ecuador of the day, and in the afternoon we will alternate more visits with activities on board the train or, simply, to enjoy relaxing while the landscape parades in our eyes.

After dinner, an evening of leisure. In El Transcantábrico, Tren Al Andalus and La Robla Express, an on-board activity is usually scheduled every night, with several live performances throughout the trip, which, thanks to the length of the train, will not disturb to those who will prefer to retire earlier to the privacy of their suite. You can also choose going for a walk in the town where we are. The train will wait for us at the station until next morning.

Train rooms are specially designed to relax, and also offer the possibility to share pleasant moments with our travel companions. Many friendships were born around a glass or a cup in El Transcantábrico, Al Andalus or La Robla Express cars.

In general, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended for the day, when we will be making our visits, while at night you can opt for a more formal attire, although a certain dressing code is not required at any time. You just have to keep in mind that if you want to access to the Santander Grand Casino, it is necessary to be dressed in an elegant way (no suit or tie is required, but for example, entry into shorts or sneakers is prohibited).

The Luxury Tourist Train crew is formed by a selection of professionals at the service of the traveller, well formed to offer an exquisite and personalized attention.

The team is led by a Chief of Expedition, who, as captain of the ship, will take the reins of this railway cruise to fruition. This rest will help the rest of the crew members: guide, head of waiters and waiters, cooks, entertainers, security personnel, machinist, coach driver and railway technicians, who will ensure that the traveler does not have to occupy more than enjoying the trip.

The guide will become an inseparable companion of the group, accompanying the travellers all time and offering them the information and advice they need. The animator, meanwhile, will be responsible for entertaining and enjoying the stays on board, encouraging the active participation of passengers.

The crew, in coordination with the Expedition Manager, is available to the traveller 24 hours a day, guaranteeing the same level of high quality and personalized service on and off the train.

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