Frequently questions (FAQS)

Train “Transcantábrico Grand Luxury”, train “Costa Verde Express” (Transcantábrico) and Train “Al-Andalus”

For Spanish people, the DN Card or Passport, that proves their identity, will be required. For other passengers, it will be necessary the documentation required to enter Spain from their country of origin.

Euro is the official currency in Spain, as in the other countries of the European Union.

Tips are not mandatory but we let you decide if you want to do it.

A first aid kit is available on board the train, the crew has basic training to help you. But in case of an eventuality that requires more attention, all the necessary information from the health centres along the route, is available.

Spanish citizens will benefit from health care and pharmacy drugs, according to the rules of the Spanish Social Security, and for those travellers that belong to the European Union, should consult the agreements that Spain has with his country (there is usually reciprocity). In addition, with other countries could be agreements. In any case, it is highly recommended for citizens of other nationalities, which have no agreements or conventions, contract a health insurance.

There is a daily laundry service. Consult with the personnel on board and they will assist you.

If the client needs to follow a special meal regime for health reasons or other justified reasons, it must be requested when making the reservation.

Generally Spanish, English, French and German. Please confirm in any case the languages other than Spanish and English.

Following the current Spanish legislation, which prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces, including those of public transport, therefore, smoking is prohibited on board any train car. Although, we inform that the displacements do not exceed 4 hours of travel.

The trains have a security service and a locker, as well as surveillance in all the stations of the itinerary.

All trains, El Transcantábrico, Tren Al Andalus and La Robla Express, have Wi-Fi connection and a computer in the rooms to access the Internet. In addition, the suites at El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo have Wi-Fi connection and LCD screen for DVD playback.


Calling from Spain to another country, you must dial 00, then the country code and finally the telephone number in question. In the other case, if you want to call Spain from abroad, you must dial +34 (Spain code), and then the telephone number.

For foreigners it is advisable that before making the trip to Spain, they should inform their mobile phone operator, to activate the international service and call rates.

The usual in Spain is an electric current of 220 volts, with 2-pin sockets.

The trains of El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo, El Transcantábrico Clásico, Train Al Andalus and La Robla Express, only have a basic compulsory travel insurance, so it is recommended to hire a private travel insurance, which if necessarily covers the cancellation fees, you can request information about it when you book your train trip.

If you travel with children you will have to consult in each case, the established supplement or corresponding price for children, and may vary in relation to the age of the child and the chosen train. Exclusively the suites of El Transcatábrico Gran Lujo and the Al Andalus Train have enough space to put a small travel cot that they must bring themselves.

Bringing pets is forbidden, except guide dogs that accompany the owner (consult).

Although remodeled and equipped with the latest technologies, as they are historical and vintage trains, their interiors are not enabled for the movement of wheelchairs or walkers, so it is impossible to move. People with reduced mobility, with some autonomy, can travel, although it is advisable in any case to be accompanied to help if necessary. Upon request, a wheelchair is made available to the traveler. It is very important that the traveller with a disability, travels accompanied with a person who can help you in all displacements, since there are no personnel on board, nor on the ground, for this type of service.

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