The “Costa Verde Express”: A cultural and gastronomic journey through Green Spain

A little more than three decades ago, the most veteran tourist train in Spain was born: The Transcantábrico. Nowadays and as an exponent since its origins: elegance and comfort of El Transcantábrico, the Transcantábrico Costa Verde Express is born, which takes the traveller to the golden age of the great rail travel, still enjoying of all the comforts and attention of the 21st century. Its halls and rooms, carefully remodeled and decorated, display all their majesty on this meandering route.

An evocative and pleasant atmosphere, a first class crew and the vast culture and gastronomy of the Spanish Green Coast: Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias, are the base that makes each trip of the Transcantábrico Costa Verde Express a real pleasure for all senses.

Itineraries “Costa Verde Express”

Costa Verde Express