“Costa Verde Express”: Train lounges

The train rooms are opulent spaces designed to enjoy a magnificent lunch, a drink watching the landscape during the journey or enjoy a night of fun, always in a pleasant ambient.

The Costa Verde Express saloon cars are authentic jewels of the railway heritage with perfect setting to serve daily à la carte breakfasts and select dinners and meals. Live an amazing gastronomic experience aboard of Costa Verde Express, influenced by the traditional food of Northern Spain, combined with the most modern trends in international cuisine.

The bar service allows the traveller to enjoy a tea, a coffee, combined with or without alcohol... at any time of the day, either in the lounges or in your comfortable suite.

When the afternoon falls or after dinner, parties, music, cultural and gastronomic activities or live performances are offered. Dressing comfortable clothes and shoes is recommended during the day, especially on scheduled visits. At night, and especially at the gala dinner, you can opt for a more formal attire, although a certain dressing code is not required. The entire train, both rooms and lounges and restaurants, are connected internally allowing a free transit of travellers.

In lounge cars, á la carte breakfasts and dishes of select cuisine are prepared by the chef of “El Transcantábrico”. They are served daily for those dinners or lunches that take place on board. The car bar is open long time, from early in the morning until dawn, also a 24-hour customer service is available. You can also enjoy other spaces such as tea rooms, panoramic car or the pub car, where parties, music or live performances are offered every night.

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