Beijing - Moscow 2020

Trans-Siberian Zarengold

16 days

Beijing - Gobi Desert - Terelj National Park - Ulaanbaatar - Ulan-Ude - Baikal Lake – Irkutsk - Novosibirsk - Yekaterinburg – Kazan – Moscow


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Trans-Siberian Zarengold

A trip on the legendary routes of the Trans-Siberian is one of the last great adventures in this world. Start up your life's dream with our Rails Cruise and experience Russia, Mongolia and China in a comfortable and safe way. The historic route between Moscow and Beijing on the banks of the majestic Baikal Lake, will also show you superb and splendid landscapes of Europe, Siberia and Asia.

Day 1: Spain – Beijing

(Dinner). Presentation at the airport, International Departures and flight to Beijing. Lunch, dinner and night on board.

Day 2: Beijing

(Dinner). Arrival, reception by our staff and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon our visit program begins. The visit of the city includes numerous attractions and monuments. You must not miss the visit of the fascinating Temple of Heaven and the enormous Tian An Men Square. Stop near the "Bird's Nest" (National Stadium) and the "Water Cube" (National Swimming Centre) to take pictures. Dinner at the hotel with the rest of the group, that has been arriving throughout the day.

Day 3: Beijing

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Trip to the Great Wall of China, the eighth wonder of the World, an essential visit for any traveller who visits China. In our route to the Great Wall, we will visit a pearl cultivation farm, one of the Ming Tombs and the sacred path of the Spirits, the Shen Lu. In the evening, we will attend a special welcome dinner, in which the famous Beijing Lacquered Duck will be served.

Day 4: Erlian

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Before the Chinese lunch, we will visit the Imperial Palace, the famous Forbidden City, with its 9999 rooms, that for centuries remained inaccessible to the Chinese people. In the afternoon, transfer to the railway station. The Chinese train will be waiting for us on the platform and consists only of Standard cabins, with 2 or 4 berths. Beginning of this very interesting trip of more than 7600 km, that will give us the best memories of those past days in which we will have crossed three countries, endless plains and forests and immense rivers. The Chinese train will reach Erlian in about 16 hours, and is the start of the train journey. The train will proceed smoothly throughout the night until arriving in the morning to Erlian, a Chinese border city. All customs formalities will take place on board the train. You can remain in your compartment for as long as these last. Dinner and night aboard the Chinese train.

Day 5: Gobi Desert

(Breakfast lunch dinner). In the Erlian station, the Chinese track width (1435 mm wide) meets the Russian track width (1520 mm wide). Our Chinese train says goodbye to us. The “Zarengold” Trans-Siberian train will be waiting for us. The Gobi desert extends as we pass and then changes the landscape to the great Mongolian grasslands. Dinner and night aboard the Trans-Siberian "Zarengold".

Day 6: Ulaanbaatar

(Breakfast lunch dinner). Arrival, in the early morning, to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The large luggage stays on board the train, and with what is necessary for the stay in Ulaanbaatar, we will rest at the city hotel. Visit the Gandan Monastery, the central square of Sukhabaatar and the Lamas Museum. Outdoor breweries are very popular in Mongolia - your guide can tell you some of the best. In the evening, opportunity to enjoy a representation of traditional Mongolian music (direct payment € 14). Accommodation and dinner in a central city hotel. And if you wish, you can replace the hotel night with an overnight stay in a typical Mongolian yurt in the beautiful "Mongolian Alps" with a small price premium.

Day 7: Ulaanbaatar

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Today, we make a trip to the so-called “Swiss Mongolian”, a beautiful place at the east of the capital, where we can see the typical yurt camps. It is surrounded by horses and yaks, we will enjoy our picnic in one of these camps. Picnic lunch or barbecue. After lunch, there will be a demonstration of skilled Mongolian riders. Try lamb meat seasoned with mare's milk, or the famous kumys, the "beer" of the nomads. Enjoy this wonderful environment until the time we return to Ulaanbaatar to get aboard our trans-Siberian Zarengold, who will depart south towards the border. Admire the landscape, that opens in our path, and from time to time: nomads, yurts, horse riders. Dinner and night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 8: Ulan-Ude

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Through the lonely steppes and crossing the Selenga valley we reach Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryata Autonomous Republic. Being the buryatos a Mongol ethnic minority, Ulán-Udé shows an interesting cultural mix and is a meeting point between East and West of the world. Brief visit of the city. Our Siberian train Zarengold will leave behind the traditional Trans-Siberian tracks and roll along the Trans-Mongolian tracks on its way to Beijing. Arrival at the Russian border station of Nauschki and later, arrival at the Mongolian station of Suche Baatar. All customs formalities will take place on board the train. You can stay in your cabin without getting off the train. A lively dinner welcomes us to Mongolia. Night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 9: Baikal Lake

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Today is a very special day, in which we will marvel at the Great Sacred Lake, the majestic Baikal Lake. The lake contains the largest freshwater reserve on the planet, with 20% about the total. It has more tan 40 km wide and more than 650 km long, with a depth of 1620 meters, that make it the deepest in the world. The mountain ranges covered with forest that surround it and the deep blue of its waters, will leave us an indelible image in our memory. We travel by coach to Listvianka, a Siberian village on the banks of Baikal. On a ferry, we will go to Port Baikal and here, we will board our “Zarengold” train that will run at a very low speed along the circular Baikal tracks between Port Baikal and Sludyanka, a road that, for many years, has only been travelled by a dozen special or local trains. The construction of this road had great difficulty. 39 tunnels were built with a total case 9000m long over a relatively small distance (100 km). A photographic stop will be organized near a small village, where we can stretch our legs, soak our feet in the very cool waters of Baikal Lake and visit the typical wooden houses of the local inhabitants. In the late afternoon, a picnic dinner will be served on the shore of the lake (if weather allows us). Night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 10: Irkutsk

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). The train will return to Sludyanka to restart the journey in the main Trans-Siberian line to Ulan-Ude. In the morning we will arrive in Irkutsk, famous for being the starting point of the caravans that left the city to go Mongolia and China. It is also named as the Paris of Siberia, for its vibrant life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Visit of the old part of the city, its wooden houses with beautiful windows and the monument to Tsar Alexander II, where until a few years ago, there was the monument to the Trans-Siberian. After lunch, we will go to the ethnographic museum "Life and work in the time of the Tzars". We will spend the night in a hotel in Irkutsk.

Day 11: Crossing Siberia

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). The Zarengold has already become our second home. The magnificent nature of Siberia is shown through the window of our cabin. Today, our chefs will make an extra effort and give us a special meal. We will also have the opportunity to check Russian hospitality with a tasting of caviar and vodka and their funny toasts. We will also cross the Yenisei, the most powerful of all Siberian rivers. There will be lectures and Russian language classes. Night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 12: Novosibirsk

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Crossing the plains of Western Siberia, the train stops at Novosibirsk, which with its 1.5 million inhabitants is the 3rd city in Russia and the most populous in Siberia. Founded in 1893 as the future site of the crossing of the Obi River through the Trans-Siberian roads, it was further developed in the middle of the 20th century with the completion of the train tracks that connect Novosibirsk with Central Asia and the Caspian Sea. Welcome to the traditional Russian way: “bread and salt ceremony” - Visit of the city, in which we will see the monument to the Trans-Siberian and the fast-flowing Ob river. Night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 13: Yekaterinburg

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Stop in Yekaterinburg, capital of the Ural Mountains. Founded in 1723 by Tsar Peter I the Great, and also linked to the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II and his family, who were murdered here in the summer of 1918. Walk through the city centre, that has been recently remodeled. We will visit the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, built in the same place where the Bolsheviks murdered Tsar Nicholas II and his family on July 17th in 1918. Back to the train, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of the Urals. The train is now rolling across the European continent. Night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 14: Kazan

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Full day of visits in Kazan, centre of the so-called Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan. The city has a beautiful citadel, also called Kremlin, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000 with its turrets and walls, that were built during the 16th and 17th centuries and rebuilt nowadays. Possibility to see the mosque of Qol-Sarif. Last night aboard the Trans-Siberian Zarengold.

Day 15: Moscow

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner). The train is preparing for our arrival in the capital, we also say goodbye to the attentive crew that has taken care of us during these last days. Arrival in Moscow, capital of Russia, reception by our guide, transfer and accommodation at the hotel. The panoramic tour of the city will show us a vibrant, proud and modern city. Visit the beautiful Red Square and the Kremlin and its complex, as well as the interior of one of its Cathedrals. After dinner, we will make a tour in which the capital is presented as “Moscow by Night”, a showcase of light, with occasion to walk again through the Red Square and see it illuminated. The program includes a brief visit to the Moscow underground, visiting two of its especially beautiful stations.

Day 16: Moscow

(Breakfast). Continuation of the panoramic tour of the city, that includes the view of the Savior Cathedral, Lomonosov University, the Novodievitchi Monastery, the White House and the former KGB barracks. Then, transfer to the airport so you can board your flight. End of our services.

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