Jerez de la frontera

Andalusia, Spain

Jerez has a rich cultural and historical legacy, which is worth visiting, where you can find its beautiful Alcázar, in the Almohad style, its Islamic mosque and its famous monastery of Santo Domingo. A city with impressive equestrian shows of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and also of its flamenco music festival. It is a land of world-renowned wine varieties, which can be tasted in any winery.

Jerez de la Frontera is situated in Cádiz, Andalusia. It has 212,915 inhabitants. Its climate is warm and temperate and its annual average temperature is 17ºC.

Although the existence of Jerez starts in the Paleolithic Era, it is only since the Islamic period that it can be considered as a city. Some of its older names were “Xera”, in the Phoenician language, “Seret” in Latin and “Seritium” in Visigoth. During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Jerez was surrounded by a wall in order to be protected. Besides, many buildings, religious and civil ones, were constructed. It was in 1264 when Jerez was incorporated in the Crown of Castille, when the Muslims were expelled out of its territory. Since then, Seville has had periods of decline and progress. In the eighteenth century the economy of Jerez grew again until the present time, thanks to its industry.

One of the architectual gems of Jerez is its Alcazar, declared as Historic Artistic Monument and one of the few buildings of Almohad style still left in the Iberian Peninsula. Its walls, towers and doors were made in the twelfth century. Other places of interest are La Torre del Homenaje (Hommage Tower), La Puerta de la Ciudad (The Door of the City) and the only mosque of Jerez, among others.

The cloisters of Santo Domingo and La Cartuja de Santa Maria de la Defension are precious Historic Artistic Monuments of the city and parts of Jerez´s religious patrimony.

Three things stand out in Jerez: its horses, wines and flamenco music. It is a city where there are impressive shows, organized by the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre (the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art) and La Yeguada de la Cartuja (the horses of the Monastery of Cartuja in Seville). During Vintage time, the Horse Fair as well as other equestrian shows take place in Jerez.

This city is also the birthplace of flamenco music and the native place of great flamenco artists such as Manuel Torre, Antonio Chacón, la Tía Piriñaca, the Sordera, the Morao and others. In Jerez, every year, the Buleria Music Fair as well as the International Flamenco Festival are organized, each September and February to March respectively.

Some of the dishes one can taste in Jerez are the bull´s tail, kidney´s made in the local way, cabbage, pork rinds etc. Its wine is Jerez´s top product. Some of its varieties are Jerez-Cherry, Manzanilla and Brandy.

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