Andalusia, Spain

Granada is globally known for its monumental complex of the Alhambra and the Barrio de Albaicín, both World Heritage Sites. Granada is a compulsory visit. Its numerous monuments, which include the Renaissance Palace of Charles the Fifth and the Cathedral with its Royal Chapel, are some of the most important places that make Granada an unforgettable city to visit.

Granada is the capital of the province of Granada in Andalucia. It is located on the slopes of Sierra Nevada, in the Betic Mountainous System. It is the place where some of the most important patrimonies of Spain can be found. It was founded by the Romans as Illibris, but it was the Arabs who called it Granada. It has 232.772 inhabitants. Its climate is warm and temperate and its annual average temperature is 15.5ºC.

The Catholic Kings reconquered Granada in 1492. It was in this city where they provided Christopher Columbus with all the necessary support for his voyage to the Western Indies.

Granada has a very rich patrimony because of its past. Palaces, churches and other historic buildings are part of this enormous cultural legay. The ctiy is known internationally because of the monumental compound of Alhambra and the Albaicin Neighborhood, both of them World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1984 and 1994 respectively.

Other places to go to are the Renaissance Palace, built by the Emperor Carlos the fifth. Its big cathedral of renaissance style and just by it, there is the Capilla Real (Royal Chapel), which was built by the Catholic Kings in order to use it as their place of burial. Besides everything which has been previously mentioned, Granada has a series of museums, theaters and art galleries which can be really interesting to visit.

Granada´s cuisine is varied. Among its dishes we find beans with ham and sacromonte omelette, this last one being a top local recipes. We can also taste zalamandronña salad, remojón of Granada, of Arab influence, a variety of cocido-stew called “The Olla de San Antón” (Saint Anthony´s Cooking Pot) and others. The Pionono of Santa Fe is its most known dessert.

Some of its famous native people are Federico García Lorca, Francisco Ayala and Pedro Antonio de Alarcón as well as the painter Alonso Cano.

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