Grand Trans-Siberian Express: The Train

The train

Between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar or vice versa, the trip is aboard the Grand Trans-Siberian Express.

There are 4 categories of accommodation in the Grand Trans-Siberian Express:

  • Standard Economy: 3 or 4 people per cabin.
  • Standard Plus: 1 or 2 people per cabin.
  • Deluxe Silver: 1 or 2 people per cabin, shower and private bathroom en suite.
  • Deluxe Gold: 1 or 2 people per cabin, shower and private bathroom en suite.

To optimise the schedule of our private train on the Trans-Siberian railway, which is overloaded with other trains, our train will be hooked to a regular train in some sections, in others it will be carried by its own locomotive.

Between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing or vice versa there are 2 options for travelling.

Option n°1 (flight): for those who look for more comfort and opportunities for trips.

The flight between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing or vice versa is done by plane, it only lasts 2 hours and allows you to see more interesting tourist attractions in both cities, for example, the National Museum of History and cashmere factory in Ulaanbaatar and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Passengers from more than 30 countries entering in China by plane, have the right to stay in Beijing for up to 72 hours without a Chinese visa.

Option n°2 (Chinese train): for train enthusiasts who want to make the whole trip by train.

Travel by regular Chinese train between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing, in sleeping cars. Only Standard Economy and Standard Plus wagons are available in this option. The train crosses the Gobi desert during the day, with no stops on it, and is provided with air conditioning.

This option is only available for the itinerary from Moscow to Beijing - via Chinese train, from Ulaanbaatar. For those who choose option 2 (Chinese train), it is compulsory to obtain a visa to China from their country of departure. The option of travelling between Mongolia and China on the train is available on request.

Other services and installations:

Dining car

On the train, there are car-restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner as part of the full board service for all passengers of the Grand Trans-Siberian Express. Local cuisine is part of the menu: Russian cuisine in Russia, Mongolia and Chinese cuisine in China. During city tours, local meals are served in specially selected restaurants.

Lounge bar

This is the most popular train space, that is open to all passengers until late hours at night. Come, take a seat, enjoy the landscapes that you can see through the window, and rest having a drink listening to live piano music after dinner.

Conference Area

In the conference area, part of the lounge-bar or restaurant, your tourist guide gives conferences of the history, geography, economy and daily life of the regions you visit. Additional attractions offered in the conference area are, in some evenings, films about Russia, Mongolia and China. In addition, your tour guide will offer you an introduction to the Russian language.

Grand Trans-Siberian Express

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