WEST ITINERARY: Mongolia-Russia 2020/2021

12 days

Grand Trans-Siberian Express

Ulaanbaatar – Ulan-Ude –Baikal Lake – Irkutsk – Krasnoyarsk – Novosibirsk – Yekaterinburg – Moscow


On board the train in selected accommodation


Dinners and meals on board the train


Visits and Trips included


Experience the legendary Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railways aboard a private charter train. Forget the trouble of packing and unpacking your luggage every day. Your cabin will be your “house on wheels” during the entire rail cruise. The Grand Express train offers a selection of 4 categories of accommodation from Economy to Gold, as well as a restaurant, a bar and a conference area. Every day, stops for land trips are included in the most interesting places along the route. In selected cities like Yekaterinburg in the Urals, Irkutsk near Lake Baikal and Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, nights are included in 4* and 5* hotels of international level. That gives you more time to discover those places and enjoy a relaxing journey. The voyage can be booked to the east, starting in Moscow, or to the west, starting in Beijing. Nights in 4 * hotels in Moscow or Beijing are included in the price.

Grand Trans-Siberian Express


1) Start trip in Ulaanbaatar


Arrival by plane to Seoul. Transfer to hotel. 20:00 dinner at the hotel. Accommodation in Seoul, central 4 * hotel.


Full-day city tour that includes:

  • Gyeongbok Palace - The Korean Imperial Palace.
  • National Folklore Museum.
  • Jogyesa Buddhist Temple.
  • The blue House.
  • Changdeok Palace.
  • Alley of Antiquities and Insadong paintings.
  • South Gate open market.
  • Accommodation in Seoul, central 4 * hotel: Drive by The Blue House.


In the morning excursion to DMZ (De-militarized-Zone), which is the border between North and South Korea, where you can see the border with North Korea. After lunch return to Seoul and free time. We recommend visiting the Gwanjang food market or the Myeoong-dong shopping area. Accommodation in Seoul, central 4 * hotel.


Free time in the morning
11:00 Transfer to airport and departure to Mongolia
14: 20-17: 00 Flight Seoul - Ulaanbaatar (3:40 flight time, 1 h time zone difference),
with Mongolian Airlines, usually Boeing 767 plane
Airport hotel transfer
Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar.

Seoul (Korea)
Seoul, Gyeongbok Palace, (Korea)

3) Start the trip in Beijing

Day 1: Arrival in Beijing

Arrival to Beijing. You will be received at the Beijing airport and accompanied to your hotel. Accommodation in a 5 * hotel in Beijing.

Day 2: Beijing

Today you will visit the Great Wall of China, that is often called the "8th wonder of the world." The wall extends itself for 6000 km from East to West. In the afternoon, you will visit the Summer Palace with its parks. The welcomed dinner will take place in one of the oldest Chinese restaurants and you will be able to taste the famous Beijing Lacquered Duck. Accommodation in a 5* hotel in Beijing.

Day 3: Beijing

One more day to enjoy the walks and cultural aspects of Beijing. In the morning, we have a programmed visit to the Temple of Heaven and in the afternoon, the city tour, will bring you to meet the Imperial Palace (“Forbidden City”). Accommodation in a 5 * hotel in Beijing.

Day 4: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

Today, you will have free time in the morning until afternoon, time for check-out. Those who wish it, can rest at the hotel, and those who want it, can do individual explorations and walks near the hotel, which is close to downtown. In the afternoon, farewell of Beijing, we will do the typical “hutong” walk through the streets of the ancient city of Beijing. At night, we depart on a 2-hour flight from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Hotel accommodation in Ulaanbaatar: 5* hotel for passengers travelling in Silver and Gold cabins, 4* hotel for passengers travelling in Standard cabins.

Day 5: Ulaanbaatar

Today, you will enjoy an unforgettable trip to the Terelj National Park, famous all over the world for its nature. Passengers will be impressed by the stone formation called "turtle" and a wonderful mountainous landscape. Within the territory of the Park, you will have the opportunity to meet a family of nomads inside their yurt. The show "Naadam", organized especially for participants in the Grand Trans-Siberian Express, shows three disciplines of the Mongolian national festival of "Naadam": wrestling, archery and horse racing. For dinner, you will enjoy the experience of tasting the typical "Hot Pot" ("Mongolian cauldron"), where each diner chooses their own ingredients and condiments for the composition of their meal! Hotel accommodation in Ulaanbaatar: 5* hotel for passengers travelling in Silver and Gold cabins, 4* hotel for passengers travelling in Standard cabins.

Day 6: Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, the Grand Trans-Siberian Express will arrive at Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. During the trip programmed for today, you can visit: the famous Ghandan Monastery, the central square of Sukhebaatar, the Bogd Kan Museum that was used in summer and sometimes also in winter as the palace of the Kan, as well as the Zaisan monument, which is located in a viewpoint that rises above the city. From there, you can enjoy an excellent view over Ulaanbaatar, that is surrounded by vast area of yurts. The cultural music and dance show will display you the folk music and culture of Mongolia. Accommodation on board the Grand Trans-Siberian Express.

Day 7: Ulan-Ude

Early in the morning, the train will arrive at Naushki's Russian and Suchebaatar Mongolian border stations. Russian and Mongolian immigration formalities will take place on the train. Passengers may be in their cabins and will not get off the train. In the afternoon, the Grand Trans-Siberian Express will arrive to Ulan-Ude, the capital of the so-called “Autonomous Republic of Buryatia” of the Russian Federation. Buryats are an ethnic group close to the Mongols, their land constitutes an impressive mix of cultures and is a meeting place between east and west. Like Irkutsk, the city still has large areas with typical Siberian wooden houses. Your trip will take you to one of the oldest villages in Russia, the "Old Believers", who continue to live as their ancestors centuries ago. During the visit, you will have an unforgettable lunch at a local house / building.

In Ulan-Ude the Trans-Siberian Grand Express changes the main transmongolian railway line to the traditional Trans-Siberian railway line on its trip to Moscow. Accommodation on board the Grand Trans-Siberian Express.

Day 8: Baikal Lake

Today one of the highlights of the trip in the Grand Trans-Siberian Express will impress you. Baikal Lake is the largest freshwater reserve in the world. It extends 26 miles from west to east and more than 370 miles from north to south. With a depth of up to 1,620 metres, it is the deepest lake in the world.

In the morning, an hour by bus will take you from your hotel to Baikal Lake. During a walk through the village of Listvyanka, you will see the church of St. Nicholas, a beautiful wooden Orthodox church rebuilt in the 1990s. During the opulent Siberian lunch, you can taste the famous ómul fish, native to Baikal Lake. In the afternoon, a boat will take you, by a short cruise on the lake, to the village of Port Baikal, where your private train will be waiting for you.

Today, your private train will run at a low speed along the picturesque Circumbaikalian railway line between Sludyanka and Port Baikal, that for many years have barely ran some local and tourist trains.

A stop will be organized to take photographs in a small village, where passengers can get off the train, immerse their feet in the clear and cold waters of Baikal Lake and also visit the typical wooden houses of the local inhabitants. A picnic on the shore of Baikal Lake is also part of the program. Accommodation in a 4* hotel in Irkutsk.

Day 9: Irkutsk

Irkutsk is famous for its trade traditional economical activity with Mongolia and China and it also called "Paris of Siberia", thanks to its colourful life during the times of the Tsar. You will visit the ancient city with its extensive wooden house neighbourhoods. After that, you are invited to enjoy the culminating cultural point of the trip: a private classical concert in a historic palace. Accommodation on board.

Day 10: Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk, like Yekaterinburg and Ulan-Ude, used to be a "closed city" during the Soviet period; closed for foreigners and for the majority of Soviet inhabitants at that time. It is located on the banks of the Yenisei river, which constitutes the most important river system that flows into the Arctic Ocean. The trip of the day allows to know several viewpoints, as well as the main commercial street. Surprisingly, one of the local mayor of the city decided to decorate it with palm trees in the summer time and all this in the middle of Siberia! During the cruise on the Yenisei river you will enjoy the breathtaking view over the city and the railway bridge that crosses the river. Accommodation on board the Grand Trans-Siberian Express.

Day 11: Novosibirsk

In the morning, a trip will show you some notable Orthodox churches that have survived the Soviet era. You will also have an panoramic view of the largest Russian Opera House, located in the centre of the city, in Lenin Square. In the afternoon, another excursion will take you out of the city to see the Taiga, the "true Siberian forest". About 30 kilometers outside the city you will have the opportunity to visit the most extensive open-air railway museum in Russia, a collection of more than 60 steam, diesel and electric locomotives, as well as some historic passenger wagons - a perfect revelation of the development of trans-Siberian rail trains. Accommodation on board the Grand Trans-Siberian Express.

Day 12: Yekaterinburg

Today, the train stops in Yekaterinburg, also known as "capital of the Urals". The city was founded in 1723 by Tsar Peter the First as a metallurgical factory. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was one of the most important financial, industrial and cultural centres in Russia. Yekaterinburg is a geographical border determined by scientists between Europe and Asia. In the morning, a trip will show you the centre of the city and you will visit a place of remarkable importance for Russian history: the “Cathedral of the Spilled Blood” that was built in the place where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918. In the afternoon, a trip in the Urals will take you to Ganina Yama (“Ganya Trench”), which is considered by the Russians as a sacred place. A set of small wooden chapels, built in the 90s, honors the memory of the last family of the Tsar of the Romanov dynasty, who were buried in the Ganya pit of an old mine. Accommodation in a 5* hotel in Yekaterinburg for passengers travelling in Silver and Gold cabins, 4 * hotel, for passengers travelling in Standard cabins.

Day 13: Whole day by train

Today, you will enjoy a full day tour in the Grand Trans-Siberian Express. Your private train will pass through forests, lakes, small towns and the Urals. It is day to relax, looking at the landscape and listening to lectures about Russia and its people. Accomodation on board.

Day 14: Moscow

Today, the journey of almost 8,000 km from Beijing to Moscow ends. In the afternoon, you will visit the magnificent Red Square and the Kremlin. Accommodation in a 5 * hotel in Moscow.

Day 15: Moscow

The full-day excursion program will allow you to know many interesting tourist attractions of Moscow: the Bolshoi theatre, the GUM store, the Moskva river, the Sparrow Hills, the Novodevitchy monastery… You will forget the old stories that show Russia as a grey and dark country. The capital of Russia has become a vibrant and lively city, comparable to Paris or Rome. Accommodation in a 5* hotel in Moscow.

Day 16: Moscow

The airport transfers will be organized by our crew to take your return flight.

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Departures and rates

Departure dates 2020/2021

Beijing - Moscow 2020 Beijing - Moscow 2021
(2B) 11 june (1B) 20 may
(3B) 02 july (2B) 10 june
(4B) 23 july (3B) 01 july
(5B) 13 august (4B) 22 july
(6B) 03 september (5B) 12 august
  (6B) 02 september

Rates per person season 2020/2021

Moscow - Beijing (16 days, 15 nights). All prices are in EUROS, per person. Option n° 1: Those who are looking for more comfort and more opportunities for trips (flight)

Category People per cabins Price per person Train & Hotel single supplement
Standard Economy Cabins* 4 4.980 € Not available
Standard Economy Cabins* 3 5.990 € Not available
Standard Plus Cabins (double accommodation) 2 7.190 € 3.070 €
Deluxe Silver Cabins (double accommodation) 2 11.307 € 6.320 €
Deluxe Gold Cabins (double accommodation) 2 13.570 € 7.420 €
Supplement peak season 1 for departures 4A and 5A: 240€
Supplement peak season 2 for departures 3A and 6A: 160€
Atention: For those who wish to travel by train from Moscow to Beijing, please request our option "all by train". Flights from / to Moscow and Beijing (consult).
Travel Moscow-Ulaanbaatar / Ulaanbaatar-Moscow, reduction of 640 € per person. Check prices extension to Seoul (Korea).
Flights from / to Moscow and Beijing (consult).

Note: Rates shown are per person in double accommodation. In all cases, rates must be confirmed when making the reservation, as they may suffer some variation. We recommend hiring assistance and cancellation insurance. Limited places.

Notes itineraries 2021:

1) On tour B the river cruise will not be done in Krasnoyarsk, but in Novosibirsk.
2) In Lake Baikal you can not eat Omul for lunch / dinner because now this fish is protected and you can not fish it. Another fish from Lake Baikal will be offered.
3) The prices of 2020 are maintained for the reservations made until April 2020. From April 2020 consult as there may be price updates and they will be final prices by 2021.
4) Reservations for Transiberiano 2021 made until 09/30/2020 will have a discount:
200 euros per person for Standard Plus 400 euros per person for Silver y Gold


Services included in the Standard, Silver and Gold voyage price (Beijing - Moscow):

Additional services included in Silver and Gold voyage price:

Other included services:

Not included services:

Notes and conditions

A 50% deposit is required at the time of inscription. The railway company keeps the right to make changes in the route of the trains and their fares, without prior notice, as well as cancellation of departure if there is no minimum number of reserved cabins.

Important notes:


Local specialties from Russia, Mongolia and China, that change every day:


Payment conditions:

Deposit amounts:
Standard Economy & Standard Plus Category: EUR 750 per person with the reservation.
Silver & Gold Category: EUR 1,500 per person with the reservation.
Balance (final payment remaining amount): 60 days before departure.

Cancellation conditions:

Up to 91 days before the journey Deposit
90-61 days before the journey 25%
60-31 days before the journey 50%
30-15 days before the journey 75%
14-01 days before the journey 90%
Not show 100%


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