Train “Al Andalus”: Gastronomy

The gastronomy of each area introduces the character of the different routes that Al Andalus Train goes across in the Spanish geography. The Andalusian cuisine has native and world-famous products such as olive oil, Jerez wine or Iberian ham from Jabugo, like other dishes such as gazpacho or oxtail. A new generation of chefs has combined the Mediterranean renovating influences and Andalusian tradition.

Breakfast is served on board the train, consisting of an assorted buffet. Local specialties will be present during any chosen tour. For lunch and dinner, the restoration on board will be alternated in the elegant halls of the Al Andalus train with the renowned stoves that make up the selection of restaurants on the journey.

The menus are planned in advance, seeking the balance between the traditional cuisine of each area, the creativity of the professionals and the innovation that has made Spanish chefs famous. However, those travellers who require special menus for health problems ori t is just a matter of choice, they may request them, without prejudice to the quality we offer to other guests. You must notice this circumstance, at the time of making the reservation, so that your journey also meets your culinary needs.

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