Train “Al Andalus”: The Crew

The crew of Al Andalus consists on a good selection of professionals, always at the service of the traveller, in the common rooms and in their private compartment, every single passenger will enjoy an exquisite and personalized attention.

The expedition leader, who acts like the "Captain of the ship", will be responsible for this railway cruise, making sure that all travellers are enjoying the journey.

This guide will help you during the tours, with the head waiter, waiters, entertainers, cleaning, security staff, driver, coach driver and railway technicians who will ensure that the traveler does not have to worry more than enjoying the trip.

The Al Andalus guide will accompany you on all visits and will become an inseparable companion of the group, even he will accompany you to the different restaurants on the route that have been scrupulously chosen for lunch and dinner. Buffet breakfasts will be served in the different train lounge cars.

The entire Al Andalus train crew, in coordination with the Chief of Expedition, is available twenty-four hours a day, guaranteeing the same level of high quality and personalized service inside and outside the train.

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